Living In The World

Riding On A Rainbow

Hannelore Müller

Ina Stöcker

Manuela del Castello

Jutta Fries

Doris Henseler

Nicole Kalkowski from Lohmar, Bergisch Gladbach, Rheinbach, Bonn, Lüdenscheid, Germany

We have been Chris de Burgh fans for a long time and we are members of the official mailing-list. Some of us have met for the first time at a concert, two as winners of a competition and some haven't met before the recording of this song. Mixed together with different voices and singing abilities, we had great fun and good laughs in the studio.

Ina: 35, married, 2 sons (4/9). Chris' music gives me strength and energy in everyday life and I'm happy having found new friends because of his music.
Doris: 37, married, 3 children (girls 13/11, boy 5). I've been a fan of Chris for over 20 years.
Nicole: 34, married, I'm one of the LIR-competition winners 2004 in Mettlach, Germany. I've been a fan since my first concert in Dortmund, 18 years ago.
Jutta: 39, married, 3 children (son 20, girls 15/6). For more than 20 years I've needed nothing else than Chris' music to cope with a hard day.
Manuela: 31, married, 4 children (5,7,9,11). Thank you Chris for so many great songs and unforgetable moments at your concerts!
Lore: 52, married, 2 adult children. I'm one of the LIR-competition winners, too. This is the fourth time I've taken part in a CdeB-tribute-CD-project. :-)

We have chosen this song, because it is such a lively and happy song, gives hope for a better world, for peace in this world, and free and united people(s) everywhere.

We've added our thoughts about the tribute-idea in the following lines:
"We are together here from different lands, love to sing for Chris our songs. This is a language that us all unites and makes us feel as one.
We sing together on this rainbow and if you like, just join in with your singing, let's all unite!"

Thanks to Marietta Hülsken for writing the sheet-music for us. Thanks to Martin Knieper, a very patient and kind man, who made the playback available for us and has recorded our song in his studio.