Living In The World

Brother John

Ulrich Hellenbrand from Mainz, Germany

"July 27th 2004
Dear diary,

Yesterday I registered "Brother John" for the CdeB Tribute Project 2004. I really don't know why I chose this song - if it was the lyrics or the storyline ... maybe it was the possibility to develop a completely new arrangement. I called HaJo Müller, my old music teacher - he's the conductor of the school choir. The first arrangement I had in mind needed some backing vocals, hums, and - of course - the chorus. I had to drop this plan - time and the school's technical equipment was against me, so I decided to ask him for two sections of gregorian chants -"Introitus, 4th Sunday in Advent" which was written in the 9th century and starts with the words "Rorate, coeli, desuper" (i. e. "Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above"), and "Tristis est anima mea" (i. e. "Sad is my mind"), written in the 12th or 13th century. Of course I have recordings of these songs, but I can't (and I don't want to) use them because they won't fit the sound of my version of "Brother John" ... anyway, the recordings will be done on August 26th and October 7th ... hope I won't forget to remember them.

Michael called me up today and talked about the next steps of the band. He said there'll be a session on August 13th - I wonder if he knows that day's a Friday ... I'm not superstitious, you know that, but I still remember our session on Friday 13th February, when our drummer broke one of his toes and I got an electric shock from my keyboards while plugging them in ... whoa! I must be more careful this time ... in fact, I want to become a little older than 30. I think that's all for today, dear diary. I'll do some of the "Brother John" arrangements tomorrow ... "