Living In The World

If You Really Love Her Let Her Go

Bree Donovan from and

Phillip Nolte from New Jersey and Idaho, USA

Greetings all! I'm Bree Donovan from the US. I echo Phillip's wish for world peace. Chris de Burgh's music has always brought me peace of mind and heart. Now I have the great joy of teaching and sharing his music with my students who range from Kindergarten to Junior High School. It's a comfort to know that in such troubled times as these, (even though we CdeB listeners may be scattered throughout the world), we are one by the heart and music!

I am grateful to Phillip and his wife for taking part in this endeavor. We took what is already a very touching song, and applied the idea of singing it as a duet between a father and daughter. I hope you like our take on this classic.

And finally, as with every effort I make to create something meaningful and lasting, always, it is for T.D.

I guess this message goes out to Chris deBurgh fans from around the world. I'd like to say hello and add my wishes for world peace. Perhaps the universal language of music can provide the means to start towards accomplishing this goal. I have been a deBurgh fan since singing along with "Don't Pay the Ferryman," when it was a new hit on the radio all those years ago. Life currently finds me employed as a potato scientist working at the University of Idaho. I've been an amateur folk musician since I began to play guitar back in '64. That is as much as I will say about my age. I met Bree Donovan online a couple of years ago while she was researching background on potatoes for a novel she was writing about 18th century Ireland. A friendship ensued as we discovered a mutual love of potatoes, Ireland, and music. The song "If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go," was recorded long distance with Bree in New Jersey and me out here in Idaho. We still have not met face to face but this project did require a lot of email correspondence. Hey, Chris, maybe there's a song in there somewhere. I would also like to thank my wife, Lucinda, (a converted violinist) for creating and recording the bass guitar that rounds out the sound so nicely.