Living In The World


César Quintero from Madrid, Spain

This year's really been a revolution in my life... My first son was born, I started out a new company, I went into school again... and I sang with Chris de Burgh!

My name is Cesar D. Quintero, 32, married to the beautiful Kitty and probably CdeB's biggest fan in Spain, one of the list oldest members and for sure the luckiest... for I have a big family out there (Astrid, Brian, Morten and all of you listmembers) and I had the extraordinaire pleasure to meet some of you at last in Dortmund!. I love you all.

This year's song (the fifth in the tribute CDs) is the first part of The Revolution Trilogy, which I intend to continue in the next years... as the old entertainment adagio goes... "leave 'em waiting for more". I had to get the chords, record all the instruments and the voices, mix and master in just one evening, for that was all the time I had in the past months. So, if you hear some speediness in the track, please look on me kindly ... Anyway, in this track I wanted to bring up the growing emotion in the song from a whisper to a raging scream from the heart... Revolution!. I hope you like it.

It's great, as every year, to work again on a project with people from all around the globe... I'm already looking for the sixth year... See you there! Hasta entonces!

All the best