Living In The World

Here Is Your Paradise

Stéphane Seclet from Toulouse, France

My name is Stéphane Seclet, I was born on 10/06/69. I am French and single.

I compose and sing my own songs and play keyboard. I studied the music and clarinet 8 years in the main Amiens's music school.

My main hobbies, apart from music, are modelling (shows and photos for magazines) and travels. I lived 3 years in New Caledonia. I studied 4 years after my baccalaureat in a business shool in Lille.

The song "Here Is your Paradise" is meant to be a duo sung by a man and a woman, but I didn't have a female voice to accompany me in the studio. It has been rearranged in a kind of "new song", as you have easily noticed !

I worked 8 years in the insurance field, and, bored with it, I am currently working on a project of "night pub" south of Paris.