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Manni's Two & Friends from Zell (Mosel), Wiesbaden, Germany

Manni's Two & Friends are:
Matthias Klenke (39) from Wiesbaden, Germany
- keyboard, sound-equipment & recording
Carsten Böhme (37) from Zell (Mosel), Germany
- lead-vocals, guitar, blues-harp
Conny Klenke (36) from Wiesbaden, Germany
- percussion, background-vocals
Tom Ascheberg (42) from Zell (Mosel), Germany
- 6-string-guitar, 12-string-guitar, background-vocals

Band history:

It started on a cold november evening in 2003. Tom and Carsten met each other for the first time in a litte wine-pub. They took their guitars, played and sang together and during the evening a new duo was born. The owner of this pub is their friend named "Manni" - and so we became "Manni's Two". The next step we took in March 2004. Matthias and Conny are good old friends of Tom. Tom and Matthias have also played together in a band 20 years ago. So we met each other to have a little music-rehearsal. And than we founded the band. That's the story.

About our track:

Favourite we like to play folk-music and songs of singers/songwriters. Some of Chris' Songs fit in the best manner to our program. The recording of our track originates from a band-rehearsal at June, 27th 2004. We put our whole equipment into Toms small livingroom. There was no more place to move, but we had a lot of fun. It wasn't our idea to make a 1:1 cover of this great song. We tryed to put our own ideas and feelings into the song. We hope that we succeeded. Enjoy it! Thanks to Ulrich "Skywise" Hellenbrand for his technical support.