To The Other Side

The Snows Of New York

Ruth Orenstrat from Düsseldorf, Germany

Heike Meyhoff from Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Heike Henke from Melle, Germany

Daniela Braun from Münster, Germany

Marietta Hülsken from Münster, Germany

Astrid Nolde-Gallasch from Bocholt, Germany

Rüdiger Hanke from Münster, Germany

All the songs from the "German recording session" on August 12, 2000 were recorded without any technical equipment. Just imagine 7 happy Chris de Burgh fans sitting in one small living-room, having the greatest fun to play and sing together the song that brings back so many great memories of fan gatherings in Bonn 1998 and Cologne 1999!

Ruth sings the first verse, Heike M. the 2nd, Heike H. the 3rd and Dani the 4th. Ruth and Heike M. are the guitarists. The violin is played by Marietta, and the piano is played by Astrid. Daniela also plays the bongos. RĂ¼diger certainly is the world's most patient sound engineer, sitting for hours in a corner with his minidisk recorder and waiting until the giggling is over ...

The other two songs we recorded together were The Same Sun and Summer Rain.