To The Other Side

Moonlight And Vodka

Cesar Quintero from Madrid, Spain

I am probably (very much probably) Chris biggest fan in Spain. I'm 28, songwriter and producer, actually I work as CEO of an Internet e-commerce company which sells DVDs, and I know Chris (musically) since 1990, and personally (I got to talk with him and his family) in England, on a concert the 8/8/98. He even signed my 12 strings Ovation acoustic guitar, (just the one he used in the Live in Dublin concert). My other influences are Beatles, Mike Oldfield and Garth Brooks.

I'm married and I've been one of the first list members. (Oh, and I've got a band named Atlantis, which you can see and hear at

I've always loved not only Chris's songwriting, but the emotion he puts on his songs. Especially, in "Moonlight and Vodka", I've always loved the emphasis he made in "sooo DAMN cold". You can even feel the cold in your bones. So, I decided to pick his mood on his song, melancholic and a little bit angry with the situation, and work the song around that mood. I'm also very proud of it, because I wanted to sing it in the real tone of the song, which was very hard for my voice (much lower than Chris's), and I made it! :)