To The Other Side


Brian Morton from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Brian Morton is a 34 year old Canadian singer/songwriter who lives in Hamilton Ontario. He has a 21 year long relationship with Chris De Burgh's music, ever since he discoverd the "Spanish Train" album. In the early 1980's he managed to get his hands on a 12 strings "Rickenbaker" electric guitar that once belonged to Chris De Burgh himself ! And the high point of his singing career (so far) was the opportunity to sing with Chris in September 1996 in Toronto and London, Ontario in April 2000. The song "SAILOR" was chosen because it is one of the lesser known "story" songs from one of Brian's favorite album, EASTERN WIND wich was recorded in Toronto in 1980, and because it works very well in DADGAD guitar tuning ! Brian released a CD of his own in 1994, entitled A LONELY CAIRN OF STONES.