To The Other Side


John A. Ardelli from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

I 've been a fan of Chris De Burgh's music since 1987 when I first heard the album SPANISH TRAIN AND OTHER STORIES at a neighbour's house. Now 13 years later, I own almost ALL of his albums.

I attended my first Chris De Burgh concert this last April 2000 in Halifax. I brought my fiancee and two friends along with me. My fiancee and friends were not really fans when they arrived, but they WERE by the time they LEFT.

One of them NEVER thought would ever be a Chris De Burgh fan, and I told him I was surprised he even ENJOYED it. His response: How could you NOT enjoy THAT ! He was totally swept away by Chris's performance on stage. He made at least three new fans that night !

My rendition of DISCOVERY that appears on the cd was not recorded specificly for this project. It was taken out of a CD I put toghether for my fiancee for Valentine's Day 1999. It was a collection of Chris De Burgh's songs that make me think of her. I sang the last two selections "Discovery" and "Goodnight" myself, since they were her favorites.