To The Other Side

The Same Sun

Heike Henke from Melle, Germany

Daniela Braun from M√ľnster, Germany

We recorded this song during the "German recording session" on August 12, 2000 in one take in Astrid's living-room in Bocholt, Germany. On this day seven friends from the mailing list got together to make music. We had never played together before, and after 8 hours of practicing we were quite happy about the result of three songs recorded. One of them was The Same Sun, which we simply chose because of the beautiful melody!

Heike sings the first verse, Dani the 2nd. The flute intro and the piano are played by Astrid Nolde-Gallasch. Bongos are played by Heike Meyhoff. She and Marietta Hülsken both sing the background vocals.

The other two songs we recorded together were The Snows Of New York and Summer Rain.