To The Other Side

"To The Other Side Of The Microphone" was the original working title of this project. Fans of Chris de Burgh from all around the world, who have met each other on the internet, contributed to this project by recording their own interpretations of Chris de Burgh's music.

To The Other Side was meant to be a tribute to the beauty of Chris De Burgh's music. A "Thank you" by the fans in return for so many years of joy and entertainment. This CD contains songs, narrations and texts performed by Chris De Burgh's fans from all over the world, which is a proof that one common thing CAN unify people. The concept of this album was taken from the original "CD project" by Brian Morton and Cesar Quintero and adapted by Linda Allard (Canada), Brian Morton (Canada) and Mike Allard (Canada).

Mike Allard
Chair of CdeB Tribute 2000

Mastered and engineered at: TheRaVen Studios, Verdun, Quebec, Canada
Cover Graphics by: Mike Allard
A concept from: Brian Morton, Linda Allard and Mike Allard
Booklet design: Brian Morton and Astrid Nolde-Gallasch