Lady love, go back to sleep,
Dry the tears from your eyes,
But I cannot stay with thee,
Until the morning,
For the dawn is breaking,
And my ship is waiting for me,
And I must go,
But I'll be back, yes,
Before this year is over;

So we sailed across the sea,
Till we found America,
'Round the Cape of Storms,
We set our sails for home,
And when the sea was roaring,
And the Lord I called,
To help my drowning men,
I saw the light, yes, the candle in your window...

And I have brought you silver,
And I have brought you gold,
And spices from the Indies in the hold,
I've seen ships on the horizon,
That I'd swear were going down,
But now I know for certain,
The world is round,
I have seen, my eyes have seen,

One day says Galileo,
A man will reach the sky,
And see the world completely,
From outside,
And gazing down from yonder,
On a world of blue and green,
He'll say with eyes of wonder,
I have seen, I have seen,
My eyes have seen,
I have seen,
My eyes have seen.
"One of my faves, actually - I'm thinking about doing it on the tour this year. It's about a guy, a sailor, who gets up and leaves his girl. It's set in the time of Columbus - when they thought that the world was flat and that you could fall off the edge - so it took some courage to set off on a voyage. But this guy does. He will be gone for a year on a journey to circum-navigate the globe. In the song, I take the view-point of a sailor in those times, times when Galileo was the key man; he suggested that the world WAS round. Then the song jumps forward 500 years by suggesting that Galileo says 'One day we will actually see the world from the outside.' They all scoffed at him but, of course, we did see the world in that way. We had that fantastic picture of the earth from the moon. That's why Discovery is part two; going to the moon was the same sort of discovery as guys finding America and finding the West. So, there's two ideas in that song neatly connected, I think, by Galileo."
The Getaway Gazette, January 1987


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