One More Mile To Go

When the valley's quiet with the snow,
And the train has one more mile to go,
To the station where my love will be,
She waits for me, she waits for me;

Now the lights are shining down below,
And I see the village that's my home,
And I see all the places that I love,
It's been so long, been away so long,
And I'm nearly home, one more mile to go;

There is joy for loved ones coming home,
And everyone has gone, I'm standing here alone,
But in the shadows I can see her face,
She comes to me, she's here for me;

And now a light is shining round the world,
It's a magic night for every boy and girl,
'Cos it's the time that all men dream of peace,
On Christmas eve, we dream of peace,
And we're nearly home, one more mile to go,
Yes we're nearly home, one more mile to go,
And we're nearly home, one more mile to go.
"It starts off with me visualising, as usual, a very strong mental picture. It's a moonlit night... it's almost like Disney, actually. On the far left-hand side there's a train coming through a valley. This valley is completely covered in snow, and we see all the snow, and the moon shining and the lights of the train coming round, from left to right - and then, far below, where the camera angle of my mind is, there's a village, with lights twinkling in the distance. Then there's a guy whose returning, from where doesn't necessarily have to be explained, but he's been away a long time. Maybe he's been around the world, and he's returning to his girlfriend. It's just about the joy of returning home. When he gets to the station, he thinks that she's going to be there. Everybody else has gone - all the relatives have left - and she just waits for him. It's one of those emotional moments, as she steps out of the shadows, and there she is. They obviously run to each other and hug. And the last bit of the song is just revealing that it is, in fact, Christmas Eve. It refers to the fact that 'This is a magic night for every girl' and 'This is the night that all men dream of peace on earth...' It's basically saying, in another parallel, that as far as peace is concerned - we have one more mile to go."
The Getaway Gazette, October 1995


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