I Will

I'm going to an island,
Where the sun will always shine,
Where the moon is always riding on the sea;
And when I go I'll leave behind,
These chains that hold me down,
The time has come to set my spirit free,
Ah ah ... I will

And there beside a mountain stream,
I'll build a house of stone,
And work the wood of cedar, pine and fir,
And then I'll make a garden,
And I'll plant a field of corn,
Press my hands deep into Mother Earth,

Ah, ah ... I will,
Yes I will,
Oh I will,
Just to be a part of Nature once again,
I want to be a part of Nature once again,
And I will...

And then I'll teach my children love,
Like every father should,
For we are part of every living thing,
And speak of half-forgotten words,
Like peace and joy and good,
For the world can only live when love can sing,

Ah, ah ... I will,
Oh, yes I will,
I will,
And they will be a part of Nature once again,
Oh they will feel a part of Nature once again,
The time is now,
Just to be a part of Nature once again,
And I will, ah ah, someday I will, (someday I will)
"I remember this one. I was in Dublin at a friend's flat, again, and I think I had a row with my current lady - who happens to be my first wife; Diane! This was during the early, very early, courting days. I remember looking around the books in this flat, and one of them was about an island. I just looked at the title of the book, actually, and when I sat down the song came straight out. From there, it developed into something. So it wasn't really a song written as a result of a row, but as a result of escape, of fulfilment. It's always been a big favourite of mine, and I love the line 'To press my hands deep into Mother Earth.' That's quite an interesting line about returning to Mother Earth, and planting seeds in the ground that would then grow. Yeah, I've always loved that tune..."
The Getaway Gazette, June 1990


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