The Record Company Bash

There's a woman in the wardrobe singing Beatles out of tune,
And a salesman in the corner trying to blow up a burst balloon,
And the managing director, he's a-lying on his back,
He's got ice-cream on his trousers and he's planning his attack,
It's just another record company bash,
Nice to know they've got the cash,

You're the only one here I can talk to,
Is there nowhere near we can walk to,
I really want to see you again,
But I don't know your name;

Let's go, let's go home,
Yea, let's go, let's go home,
Let's go, let's get out...

The promotion department secretaries are out to kill tonight,
And the A and R director is still looking for his wife,
Oh and there's a party in the bedroom,
They've got the mirror on the floor,
And there's a guy who says he's from Rolling Stone
Who shouldn't be here at all,
It's just another record company bash,
Nice to know someone's got cash,
And they're gonna do something obscene,
With the video machine,
I really think it's time to leave,
Won't you come with me please?

Let's go, let's go home,
Let's go, let's go home,
Grab a bottle of whisky and a bottle of wine,
It doesn't really matter if it's your place or mine,
Let's go, let's go home...
"I remember going to a party once and being fairly horrified by how a record company - not A&M, but all of them - could be so free-handed with their money on such occasions. It was right in the middle of the punk rock explosion, when you had record companies saying 'Oh, no - we can't afford to do this, we can't afford to send you there' or 'We can only give you this much to make an album.' Yet the record company executives used to turn up in limousines, they used to fly everywhere, have HUGE budgets, endless lunches and massive parties. I just found it very bizarre to be at the record company parties, where so much money was spent, and yet at the same time they were carping about cutting costs here and there. It's something I saw of a lot of during the '70s. So, having been to some of those parties, I thought I'd finally write a song about them. It wasn't vindictive at all; just observation."
The Getaway Gazette, September 1987


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