The Fields Of Agincourt

When darkness comes
And shawdows fill the night
We steand at arms
And ready for the fight

Brave men will fall
Upon St Crispin's day
On fields of Agincourt hearts will stay

Raise up your voice
And let the fall man hear
Our duty calls
Of them we have no fear

See flags that fly
So proudly in the wind
On fields of Agincourt for them we sing

Now comes the hour
So head the trumpet call
We will advance with long bow and the sword

Lift up your hearts
for England and the King
On fields of Agincourt
this day we will win

Hail to the King
His kingdom will not fall
Praise to the King
Who leads us from the fore

Long live the King
on fields of Agincourt
They will speak of them this day
And ever more

On fields of Agincourt
They will speak of us this day

And ever more

Ever more


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