The Bridge

They stood on the bridge together
And watched the river flow
And to pledge themselves forever
A place where lovers go
To fix a lock upon the bridge
And each would have a key
That told of their eternal love
The way that it must be
And with this key, she said I give
My soul, my love, my heart
And if the lock should go from here
Then I will know that we must part
Oh but soon he had to leave her
To be a soldier far away
And she would go down to the cathedral
And every morning pray
To light a candle for her love
To bring him safely home
But on the day the letter came
She knew that he was gone
With trembling hands, she opened it
To read the words which said
"It is with deep regret we must
Inform you that he's missing, believed dead"
She stood on the bridge at midnight
And watched the river flow
And the lock was in her fingers
Into the water she would go
But in the distance heard a voice
Calling out her name
And as he ran to her, she fell
In his arms again
And with this key I gave, he said
My soul, my love, my heart
And when I saw the lock was gone
I knew that we could never be apart
We will never part...


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