The Best That Love Can Be

There was a time the fire was burning bright,
And everything was shining in the light.
But when the heart is cold, together we're alone,
Thinking of reasons to stay away;

There was a time that love was in our bed,
Eternity in every word we said,
But when desire has gone, it's hard to carry on,
Going through the motions, when there's nothing there;

You have got my heart, and all I want from you,
Is just a kiss before we say goodbye;

And let me keep my memories of all the times we were amazing,
And I will keep in memories the best that love can be;

There was a time we had so much to say,
Together at the ending of the day,
But when the only words are all the ones that hurt,
Try to remember the way we were;

Take the past and hold it like a photograph,
'Cos it's the only way to say goodbye;

And we will keep these memories of all the times we were amazing,
And we will keep in memories the best that love can be,
The best that love can be; we were amazing.
"I had an insight, I suppose, by being close to friends who have broken up in the last few months - and it's happening a lot to so many people; that they split up. And what I had in my head with that song was that if you split up with your partner in a very aggressive, unpleasant way - even the memories become fouled and soiled and poisoned. Which is terribly sad because if you've spent, say, five or six years with somebody and you split up so acrimoniously you don't even want to think about those five or six years; it's out the window, gone - forever. And I'm saying, in my song, 'OK, we accept that it's all over, the two of us - but one last thing; before we say goodbye, let's just treasure the memories. That's the only thing I want to take from this. Accept that it's fallen apart and accept that the memories are the best that love can be."
The Getaway Gazette, September 2002


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