Talk To Me

Talk to me, I need a little advice,
I've got you on my mind,
Words of passion coming out of the night,
You make me feel alive;

I'm not one in a million, I'm a million in one,
Thinking of ways to your heart,
I've got a feeling that it will be your hand,
Taking me higher and higher,

Talk to me! Talk to me...
Talk to me! Talk to me...

Look at me 'cos I've been looking at you,
I see desire in the night again,
Fascination and mysterious touch,
I know you feel the same;

This is one in a million, it's a million to one,
But I will be your lover in time,
Go with the feeling that is breaking inside,
You will discover it when you,

Talk to me! Talk to me...
Talk to me! Talk to me...

I am the one, yes I know I am the one,
I am the one for you now,
I want you beside me,
I dream of your body,
I see you and me there forever...

Talk to me! Talk to me...
Talk to me! Talk to me...
"It took me a while to figure out what this one was about, but it's a very lively song. This is a real, up and up dance song - not dissimilar to something like High On Emotion. The basic plot is that this guy goes to a party, meets a stunning lady, they have a little whiff of romance in the air - and she says 'Here's my phone number. Call me.' And he knows that they're perfect for each other, so he's really excited about it. But when he rings her, all he gets is the bloody answering machine; 'Please speak after the tone... ' Originally, the whole song was about answering machines, but then I rewrote the lyric and the whole thrust of it has moved away from that. It's just about a fellow who has met somebody that he knows there's a tremendous spark there for, and he just wants her to get back to him and rekindle the mutual fire that they had. And it's just frustrating that he can't get through to her to do that. It's a real stomper; a very strong and sensual song."
The Getaway Gazette, March 1992


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