Save Me

Once in a dream I was falling in love with someone who
Looked a lot like you, but just as our lips were starting to kiss,
I woke up on the floor;

It's one of those nights for standing around and talking
To people that I hardly know, and incoming tone came up
On my phone, it was an SMS, and it said;

"Save me, I think I've had enough of this,
Save me, you are the one who can
Save me, take me away from here;"

I look in the room, there's nobody there,
And then I saw her with the long blonde hair,
I could not believe the girl in my dream,
Was waiting at the door, and she said;

"Save me, I think I've had enough of this,
Save me, you are the one who can
Save me, take me away from here;"

Oh, cue a hundred days and nights of special sensuality,
Since lady luck came knocking on my door;

An incoming tone is up on my phone, another SMS,
And it said;

"Save me, I think I'm getting out of it,
Save me, no doubt about it,
Save me, let's get away from here;"

"Save me, save me, save me, save me, let's get away from here,
Take me away from here,
Let's get away from here."
"Well, I've certainly noticed - living with two teenagers in my family and a boy of eleven - the impact that mobile phones have had on life - and particularly the text messaging services, the SMS, which is a complete undercurrent of information and communication which is unparalleled in history. And I think it's absolutely fantastic. It's an amazing way of keeping in touch with people - as, obviously, e-mail is - so I've become technically efficient, thankfully, finally!, and I've just decided to use some of the current phrases. Like in 'Guilty Secret' we have 'textual delight' and, in 'Save Me', we have a situation... this is a gentle little melody that jumped up from nowhere in particular 'Once in a dream I was falling in love' and this took quite a while to figure out... So, he's had this dream about this beautiful girl and he wakes up and he's on the floor and... it was just a dream. But then he's at a party and he gets an SMS up on his phone that says ' me! I've had enough of this'. I'm sure we all have been to functions where you stand there feeling incredibly uncomfortable, thinking 'Oh, dear, who are these people? I have nothing in common with them. I feel as if I've strayed into somebody else's nightmare. I'm not even dressed for this!'. And imagine, then, an SMS coming up on your phone saying 'Help! I feel exactly the same as you' - and you look around the room and there, standing at the door, is the same girl that was in your dream. What kind of a coincidence is this?! So, that's what that's about. It's a bit of fun - and note the ending, which is, I suppose, and it has been suggested... fairly kind of Beatle-y!"
The Getaway Gazette, September 2002


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