Roll away the dawn,
Roll away the dawn, and let me see,
The land of the free,
Has anything changed at all;

Sweet liberty,
Sweet liberty is in our hands,
It's part of the plan,
Or is it a state of mind?

Horses and men,
Horses and men are on the field,
They didn't yield,
Many have fallen here;

Never forget,
Never forget what they have done,
The time will come,
When it will change again,
Never forget!
"This concerns the aftermath of a battle. It's very much a cinematic vision for me of being able to see the fog, the smoke, the horses and the bodies. The irony of it all - and just look at the French Revolution - is that the moment you think you've achieved liberty, the thing disintegrates. Revolution is a very tricky thing, because once you've cleared away the debris of the previous organisation - then you immediately start getting into the same thing again of some people being bigger and better than others. Power corrupts everywhere, and that's what this song has a lot to do with."
The Getaway Gazette, January 1988


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