Just A Word Away

Plenty of time to turn out the light,
I want to keep this feeling inside,
For a little more,
It must be a Daddy's pride and joy,
A little baby boy,
Is lying in my arms here tonight;

Tears in my eyes when I saw you being born,
So much emotion, words cannot form,
So I'll let it be,
Only to say it's you and me, for eternity,
I wish you a wonderful life,

And I'm only, I'm only, I'm only,
Just a word away;

I will be near whenever you call,
Pick you up whenever you fall,
'Till the day will come,
You'll think you're out there
On your own, but you're not alone,
Remember that I will be here,

And I'm only, I'm only, I'm only,
Just a word away;

Your sister Rosanna's fast asleep,
So it's time for me,
To whisper I love you, goodnight,

And I'm only, I'm only, I'm only,
Just a word away, just a word away...
"Now, I had to write a song for my little boy - and this is it. I'm holding my baby boy in my arms. I know it's time to put him to sleep and turn out the lights, but I'm sort of thinking about watching him being born and just saying... Before I go any futher, I should point out that I didn't want to get too deeply into this, as I did with the For Rosanna song, because I've said a lot of it already in there. So, I'm saying 'Well, it's just you and me, and I wish you a wonderful life - and, remember, I'm only just a word away. And when the day comes that you're all grown up and you think you're out there all on your own, you're not alone. Remember I will be here; I'm just a word away.' I also mention 'You sister Rosanna is fast asleep, so it's time for me to whisper... I love you - good night.' It's a very tender little song, actually, and a lovely gift to Hubie, I hope. But this song probably gave me more hardship on the album [Flying Colours] than any other because I wanted to get it right. I must have performed it about 70 times, recorded it 70 times - and for a voice and guitar song that's really something! It's just that it wasn't touching me until one day I walked in and did it first take - bang! - and I knew that was the one.

Mind you, there were all sorts of problems attached to this song. There was drilling going on nearby the studio, and every time I sat down to do this very quiet song I could hear the drills going. So it was 'Ahhh, damn!', I kept on losing it. It was a real challenge."
The Getaway Gazette, September 1988


"Just A Word Away" appears on the following albums:

Flying Colours