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Produced by Love, Mojo Concerts & Culturele Raad Volendam
Recorded at St. Vincentiuskerk, Volendam on 15th June 2001
Playing Time: 76 minutes

This is on sale in a limited edition, available only from Jan Cas Sombroek's record shop in Volendam, The Netherlands.

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Track Listing
1. In A Country Churchyard
2. Spanish Train
3. A Spaceman Came Travelling
4. Borderline
5. Lady In Red
6. Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)
7. Yesterday
8. Satin Green Shutters
9. American Pie
10. Without You
11. Say Goodbye To It All
12. Snows Of New York
13. Missing You
14. Don't Pay The Ferryman
15. Ticket To Ride
16. Pretty Woman
17. Where Peaceful Waters Flow
18. Hey Jude

Benefit for Volendam 2001 - Charity Concert

Chris de Burgh gave a charity concert for the victims of the New Year's Eve disaster of January 1, 2001 in Volendam. The concert took place on June 15th in the St. Vincentius church in Volendam.

Volendam is known in the Netherlands as being the place where the Irish singer Chris de Burgh was actually "discovered". This is the place where, in the mid 70s, his first LPs ("Far Beyond These Castle Walls" and "At The End Of A Perfect Day") were sold in the Netherlands, at Jan Cas Sombroek's record shop. So great was the interest in his music, that every concert he gave was attended by hundreds of Volendammers.

On this memorable day in Volendam, Chris said: "When Mojo concerts asked me to give a concert for Volendam, I said yes with all of my heart. The reason I came here today is because Volendam has given me support for more than 25 years. Now, I especially visit Volendam to give something back. I also bring the best wishes of all my friends in Ireland. The people of Ireland and Volendam have a common love for the sea, music and football. I want to make sure that tonight, when I sing for you, it will be a joyful occasion and not a sad occasion."

The concert in Volendam was not an ordinary concert. Solo on piano and guitar, Chris played a selection of his magnificient songs. The great atmosphere surrounding this unique concert gave the people of Volendam a sensation of joy and happiness.

All proceeds from the sale of the video and the DVD will be donated to the Foundation Victims New Year's Fire Volendam (SSNV - Giro 800). The purpose of the foundation is to provide optimal help and aftercare for the victims of the disastrous fire that took place on January 1, 2001.

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